Wholesale Distribution Software for Small Business

Wholesale Distribution Software for Small Business

The launch of the GST is an uncertain step which ushered in a new era of tax and billing in India. This step is taken to stop corruption and eliminate complexities available in taxation i.e. collected by the state or central government because the rate of tax is differed state wise. But this step creates a huge amount of new problems for the distributors, retailers, FSE and dealers. Now they have to pay more attention and invest more time in accounting, stock management, sale and purchase management, DSR submission, bill book management and majorly Tax invoicing. Just because of GST they have to maintain several records and have to pay more to the accountant.  A number of solution providers promise they have the best solution but one thing is that all those are either desktop based or only software module which requires too much maintenance. A GST software module, of what is a set as a pre-requisite, offers a couple of modules as well as seamlessly integrate a business’s billings, accounting, invoice generation and much more. With thousands of invoices, DSR reports, sales and purchase report dealers become stuck at the end of every month.

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In orders to address these all issues, we at Bell Technology proudly introducing BTHAWK; a dealer management software on the go solution with more and more reliability as well as world-class accuracy. BTHAWK is specially designed as per current sleekness of dealers and FSE which can do all type of jobs whatever you do to manage your business. Handpicked customized features of BTHAWK incredibly resolve your stock management, cash & credit management, stock leakage, bill book management and party management issue in few minutes and offers full-time relaxation and best competitive reliability. Read more about: GST Invoice Software for Free Billing and Filling

The Dealer management software BTHAWK can calculate any type of bill of any amount of tax without any bill book with more accuracy in stock availability in real time. Means you can track your entire business including stock, DSR, Cash, Credit, FSE, Sale and purchase as well on real-time without going anywhere within a couple of minutes. The core feature of this best accounting & Best GST billing software as follows:

  • Detailed entry of sales & purchase in real time.
  • Generation of the bill without any bill book within few minute without worrying about data lost issue ever.
  • No need for Bill book.
  • Stock confirmation with more accuracy.
  • Generation detailed DSR report automatically.

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Just simplify your GST return filling & invoicing with world class dealer friendly wholesale distribution software BTHAWK.